About Us

Compton Soul is a Black woman owned luxury apparel brand that celebrates Black people, neighborhoods, and culture. We are laser focused on nurturing the deep rooted love and unabashed pride of historically Black communities as well as the people who grow up in them.

Our clothing is different. We boldly embroider a neighborhood or city name on our apparel in traditional West African kente cloth print. A symbol of prominence & distinction, and recognized by most Black people as an ancestral connection to West Africa, the use of kente fabric in collegiate font elevates attitudes, minds, and perspectives above the pervasive violence and drug addiction stereotypes towards hope and positivity. If you know, you know. It's not for everyone, but anyone can join in the prideful uplifting of our communities.

As our company grows, we hope to use our profits to rebuild & restore the local economies of Black communities through impact investing and philanthropic giving.

We are a Black woman owned business.